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xthephoenixqueen: I have reocurring dreams about going to Amon's house and taking his poptarts .
Anonymous sent: Sokka :P

* Reasons to love Sokka - He’s funny, caring, the clown of the group, a fighter, never gives up, and loves his family and friends

*Reasons not to like him - 

*One of my favorite scenes with Sokka is when he takes charge of taking down the Fire Nation airships, and protects Toph

*An awesome Sokka quote -“Sokka: Oh what? I’m not good enough to kidnap? ”

*Sokka/Toph is my OTP

*Brotp is Sokka/Zuko

*I have a headcannon that Sokka is secretly Lin’s father, even if he was with Suki

*I never liked Yue… I know this is about Sokka, but Sokka dated her, and i don’t have any unpopular opinions about Sokka

*I hope we get to see Sokka in Korra’s flashbacks

*I really hope that Sokka never went hungry - ever

*Best words to describe Sokka - Funny, cute, sarcastic, caring, and brave

*I don’t have a nickname for Sokka..


Avtar the Last Airbender Nicktoons Promo!

(this is where all those awesome scenes are coming from!)

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Top 9 Gifs Per Episode: S1 E1, The Boy in the Iceberg 

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Wan Shi Tong: Hmm, very well. I’ll let you peruse my vast collection, on one condition. To prove your worth as scholars, you have to contribute some worthwhile knowledge.